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ProductView vs eDrawings vs Spinfire Pro


New member
We are trying to implement system for viewing drawings and models in a toolshop.

So far we have implemented Pro/Intralink and now we are wondering how are programs like eDrawing and Spinfire Professional handleing Pro/intralink models/database conversion to web-browser friendly version.

I know Spinfire have Actify server option, but is it the same as Graphical Server of ProductView? Is it worth to implement other system than PV? Namely, PV is totally web-browser non-friendly user interface and ugly as hell.


New member
I have installed the free eDrawings for Pro/E and think it works great. It is an excellent communication tool, but if the toolshop needs to get measurements off the data (measurements that are not dimensions on the drawing).

On one of the Pro/E forums someone commented that you can expect to receive a sales call from Solidworks any day now. All I received was a friendly note saying they hoped all is giong well with eDrawings and to contact them if I neded further information - completely unintrusive.


New member

Sounds like you are asking all the right questions. In order to implement a good viewing solution you would have maintain a database of viewable data that is seperate from your pro/e data. If all the shop needs to do is view the drawing and model then use PV express(free and easy to use). I can only say that I have tried Product View and you are right about the UI being UGLY. I've tried eDrawings free download which does not allow measuring, but the UI seems really nice. Hope this helps.



New member
I've tried ProductView, Spinfire Pro and now eDrawings.

For me and for my business, the worth is eDrawings. It's easy to use and very good rendering.

It's my opinion. Hope it could help you.



New member
The main problem is Intralink server/database. I know graphical server is behind PV responsible for converting models and drawings to web-viewable format.

But what I don't know, how is this conversion implemented with eDrawings and Spinfire (OK, Spinfire has some kind of graphical server, but does it work with Intralink database/server structure?).


New member
My vote is ProductView. We re-rolled it out over 6

months with great success, not only for Pro/E models and

drawings but any IGES, DXF, DWG, plus many other file


Add the Realizer module to it and you have a lot of added

and potentially very useful functionality.

Yes, the embedded browser UI is hard on the eyes but the

you can change that setting under Preferences, General then

uncheck Embed within browser window (plugin).

This will launch the standalone UI which is much nicer to work

with and still be looking for items in the Intralink environment.