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Product View- up and running?


New member
We are to make a decision on how to manage our Pro/E drawings. We have Product View, but we are still running into some small bugs when trying to use it (bugs than can be costly). The other option would be having Pro/E drawings converted into pdf's. Has anyone have Product View up and running properly? If yes, what revision of Intralink-Pro/E?




New member
I'm up and running with Wildfire and Intralink 3.3, what do you need to know? Product view came bundled with Intralink. BTW, we output pdf's, also, because of our companies internet web site requires it.

Steve C


New member
The ideea of using Product View combined with Intralink is for drawing view/access/control. The drawings are to be published/converted into the EDR database, and only the drawings ready for production are supposed to be there. Is a good ideea, but we had lots of problems in setting this thing to work: drawing weren't published correctly (line type issues), wrong revisions, the latest revision not published, and the latest is that on a revised drawing, even though the drawing published is the right one, the revision printed on the drawing (a parameter- proe_revision) is not updated.



New member
We are running 2001 (2002430), 3.2 (2002270) and ProductView 6.4 (2002298). All are working together just fine. We had severla issues with PV in the past (similar to the ones mentioned above) but got PTC in here to troubleshoot, correct and help us re-introduce this to the organization. People around here love it, as do I.

PDF's are a pain - just another set of data to manage copied from the master source with no ties back to it.

Brad Hacker

ME CAD Admin

Zebra Technologies


The problems you mention about the revision errors - are usually down to how the Graphics Server retrieves the information from Intralink.

In the GS settings, you can choose from various options, like: import via workspace on the fly, direct import, etc... Experiment with these options to sort the revision problem.