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Product view express


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Product View express:

How can i view the pro/e wildfire education edition files in the Product view express? what change should i make?
Product View Expres never was able to correctly display assemblies that used familly table members. We tried to implement it but it just wasn't worth the hassel.

About all you can do is download the lastest version from PTC, install it, and hope for the best. No user servicable parts :+)

For the project I was tasked with providing visibility for I ended up dumping the top level assembly as a STEP file and then reading it into SolidWorks so people could use the SolidWorks free viewer. That's one place where SolidWorks kicks butt on PTC.

Conceptually the Product View Express idea is nice in that it provides cross platform support (i.e. you don't have to be running a Windoze box). Unfortunately the imlementation wasn't quite as elegant. We never could get it to work with Netscape over X-Windose.

Product View Express is a nice thing to come up with and very much welcome... but in my case I've never been able to view any 3-D models correctly in that thing.


I think you have to add a couple of options to the to get the models to display correctly in PVE.

I can't remember the options but once you put them in there you save the model and then you will be able to see it in PVE.
Take a look at the E-Drawing module for Pro-E. Yes its a Solidworks product (sort of). But it works great. You dont have to create a step file. Just publish your pro file (prt, asm, or drw) and save it as the .edrw format.

Very nice for sending files for review.

to display them correctly here are the options

save_drawing_picture_file both

parts and assy's

save_model_display shading_high

this way you can turn the shading on/off in product view express.

this has worked in 2001. not sure in WF

Hope this helps



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