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producing knots from equations


New member
Im looking at producing knots from datum curves or points, but making sure both are written by equations

I have found the following image of a knot with a written equation, but i cant seem to apply it in pro engineer.

does anyone have any ideas???

Code from image:




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I found this equation




which is supposedly you can form a whole family of knots which are formed by these equations

But i still cant apply this in pro engineer?

Any ideas??
as far as i know, the variable used in Pro E is always t and its range is from 0 to 1. if you want to enter in the equations from the image, neglect typing in the betas on both sides of the equal sign. on the right side, change the betas to t's. remember to choose the spherical coordinate system. the second set of equations shouldn't work because they are not parameterized correctly. i generally work with the cylindrical coordinate system, but the same rules should apply. hope this helps.