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problems with dimensioning


New member

I have a very strange problem. I have two simmetric rounded corners. I constructed 4 lines (through the sides of the corners) and made 2 points on the intersections.After thati tried to dimension distance between these two points. And got only half of it. I mean, the dimension value is two times greater than ProE shows in constructed dimension.

I don't understand what's the problem. Maybe the dimensioning betweengeometry drawn by myself works somehow different?


Are you dimensioning draft geometry in a drawing? You have to correctly set your drawing option draft_scale.


New member
Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are doing but why are you even creating draft geometry to get this "theortical" intersection.

When you make a dimension in drawing mode, you can measure from intersection to intersection if you wish by using the available menu options.

Instead of dimensioning from entity try using the intersect option. This should save you a bunch of wasted effort. And also it will actually measure stuff from the view so you dont have to worry about the "draft scale"