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Problems running Pro/E 2001 Student Edition on Win XP Pro


New member

I've installed Pro/Engineer 2001 Student Edition but I can't open the program itself. I get the error message:

xtop.exe - Application error

The instruction on 0x00000000 refers to memory on 0x00000000. The read- or write process on the memory has failed.

Does anybody know how I can solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,

See if this works........

Start > Run > msconfig

General Tab > Selective Start Up - Uncheck > Load Start-up items

Services Tab > Check - Hide all Microsoft Services > Disable all

Restart Computer

Load CD.......Hope this works

Once installed, Revert all the previous settings

Restart again.

Unfortunately this solution didn't work, but thanks anyway for your help.

I had a similar problem, and found that the CD was required to be removed from the CDROM drive (unlike 2001) in order to run.
I had errors with Pro/E Student & solved these by allowing Pro/E to access the internet during startup...

I think this is related to the TCP/IP usage & I'm not sure how to stop this happening.

I had a problem with 2000i^2 SE installing when my virus protection software was enabled. Perhaps your installation was affected and perhaps 2000i^2 and 2001 share the same problem.


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