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Problem with Wildfire download


New member
Can't download Wildfire. I keep getting this crazy message : SetUp has caused an error in SET UP.EXE Setup will now close. It's driving me nuts . Can somebody help ?
Are you saving the files or opening them? I suggest, if your not already doing it, is to save them then run them independent of the internet.

Hope this helps

Could be a corrupted download. Try downloading it again.

PTC recommends disabling virus software when downloading it. I never have and have never encountered a problem. But I suppose it's possible.
What version of Windows are you running? If you are on a 9.x version of Windows and try to run PTC.Setup for Wildfire you will get this message imediatly.
I have two computers - one with Win 2000 professional and a WinMe for the other. I had no problem with the Win 2000 installation. Any help with the WinMe ?
I think that win98 will not supported in Wildfire. I though that is what I heard at one of there Wildfire demos.

NT 4.0 SP 6, 2K SP 2, or XP SP1 are ok.

It will not work on any 9.x platform. As soon as you attempt to start PTC.Setup it will cause an error on 9.x OSs (or at least from what I have seen).

Sometimes the same thing will occur on upgraded 2K/XP machines if the winbootdir variable is set.
I have CD wildfire...but not support or available for win 9x....PTC don't made wildfire for win 9x that what i heard and read on PTC web site.
I have tried to install directly from the download and I had loads of problems. The best way I have found is to download them to disk, then unzip each file into separate directories, eg disk1, disk2 etc. Then run the setup file from the disk1 directory. It should work ok then, it has for me many times.

hope this helps



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