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Problem with opening Pro-e Files


New member
I am recently facing with a new problem.Whenever I save as my Pro-E file with a new name ,my earlier file doesn't open after that.Suppose I save as file a.prt as b.prt ;now a.prt is not opening up.

Can anyone help me and explain why this is happening?

I am working on Pro-e -2000i 2 .
Hi Raminder ;Thanks for your advice but can you tell me under what conditions / circumstances should we use backup option and when save as.
Firstly, to avoid losing your original file (a.prt) save it (just Save command). If you want a copy of that in the same working directory, then save will do. If you want to copy that file into another directory, use Backup option. It will be saved as the same filename (eg.a.prt).

Secondly, if you want to save the file as b.prt for some reason, use save as option AFTER saving a.prt in the correct directory (ur working directory) by using save command.


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