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probing and scanning question


New member
I just deleted a long confusing question and explanation. So here's a slightly simpler one. also I'm not to sure what section i should have posts this on. So moderator feel free to move to the appropriate spot.

Who here uses 3D scanning and probing equipment?

What hardware do you use for smaller things? eg. Ferro, Romer,Nikon... do you mix and match Romer arm Ferro head?

What software do you use? eg. Polyworks, Rapidform... I'm looking for a full parametric model when all is said and done.

what hard ware do u use for larger things. eg. Surphaser, a white light scanner...

And what software do you use for that? eg Geomagic...

I need to be able to reverse engineer smaller piece parts and assemblies from shoe box size to to larger, lets say 2'x2'x8'. with the arm

And also scan exteriors of vehicles with the Surphaser.

I know this is a huge question but i could use some advise as I'm putting together a proposal for a new Metrology department.
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New member

I use Konica-Minolta Range 7 and Rapidform xor3.The system can start scanning in 5 to 10 minutes anda simple geometrysolid model can be generated in an half hour. They are not cheap...

Good luck.


New member
Yeah I've gotten a few quotes so far. It looks like it'll hover somewhere around 250k with the arm and scanner, Surphaser, and maybe a Mantis Vision's F5, plus training, plus yearly calibration, plus software. In the end i need mostly parametric models for piece parts and assemblies. But dumb solids will work for vehicle exteriors, and interiors.

I'm hoping to hear something like Don't get the Mantis expecting to capture a full vehicle exterior, but it's great for the interior. Or get the Surphaser and arm because between those two you can capture and exterior and arm scan most of an interior, making the Mantis redundant.

In the end i need to be able to capture large objects that can be used as dumb solids. And small to large piece parts that are fully parametric and editable. It looks like Software will be Rapidform.

I went took a tour of a metrology company that was using solid works and they had a plugin for there Faro equipment that automatically captured data from the part into sketcher mode (revworks) But i don't think it works for Pro. Is there anything like that for Pro.


New member
I usually don't scan very tiny things, my "scanning objects" starts from round 15 cm (machines parts) to something round 2-3 meters. So I use handheld scanner due to it's mobility.
Software I use is scanning software to use it with the scanner and then posprocess it to get a 3d model (mesh or point cloud), and then Geomagic Control X for final analysis.
Summarizing what I sad here's what I use:

Artec Space Spider - 3d scanner

Artec Studio 11 - scanning software

Geomagic Control X - main fart of workflow