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pro2001 and Wildfire


New member
For some particuliar reason some of my clients don t upgrade to Wildfire until next year when they pass directly to WILDFIRE 3.Others clients alreveady upgrade PTC

My problem is;can i have Wildfire and PROE2001 in the same machine with same licence ?

That mind i want to install Proe2001 and like licence specify the same for Wildfire

Thanks in advance



New member
yes you can, but the licence file must be upgraded to support Wildfire.
You might also have to use the "simplify licence" option to make 2001 work with it.
Think that has been described recently in this forum or by PTC Knowledge database.

I'm having both 2001,WF and WF2 on the same machine.



New member

First of all must think the PROE2001 is already installed on this machine

Now i must install wildfire BUT PTC License Server tools for WILDFIRE kill and shut down the licence for 2001

So i decide to uninstall PROE 2001 after that i will
install WILDFIRE and after that i will reinstall 2001
WITHOUT "PTC License Server 2001" choosing
Import licence from disk and drive to Wildfire

That mind PTC License Server tools for Wildfire will drive both version ??

There is a way to instal Wildfire WITHOUT uninstall
2001?? i mind PTC License Server tools for 2001 is working for


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New member
You can install WF and its licencing without uninstalling 2001.

After having WF up and running just run ptcsetup for 2001 and respecify the licence server (or file).

That's how I did it(I didnt need to take care of the licence parts myself)

Our licence servers and files are the same for 2001 WF and WF2


New member

because im sure the both flexlm for Wildfire and 2001 can t work in the same time

Is must unninstall FLX 2001 and install FLEX WILDFIRE in the same place?

I can imagine aftar uninstalling 2001 will not working without a direct drive to licence

Pexcus me but i need help and PTC consultatnt is MISSINg



New member

remove flex for 2001
install flex for WF
reconfigure 2001 to get the new licence from flex WF

I cant give more detailed infosince I havent did the flex LM installation myself.


New member
but what is exactly the difference between licence in 2001 and WILDFIRE?

I mind like text.......

I receive the licence from ptc

i try to open with Wordpad the both and for me are identical

Is normal?

May be for that Proe Wildfire not started........

I put licence onto disk and when i installed Wildfire FLEX lm i browse the path until licence

I instatlled flex Wildfire and WILDFIRE PROGRAM in Program files

When i try to start,is charging andafter that ......""sign atribute but missing from licence"" and push me out

What a f""" is this ????????

And how i can control the path for licence 2001 after the FLEX2001 is remowed??

Because Proe2001is instaled in (ex) c:/appli/proe2001 NOT in program files


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