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New member
A one...a two...a thrrreee hundred! Very cool.

WF sucks for the menu picks all over the screen too. Not a very profound comment I know. But it just chaps my ass to have to screw around with all the "enhancements" that actually slow me down.

The biggest pain in my ass is the "select item" dialog box that conveniently hides itself behind other menus during tasks. Then to remove it, I have to move the menus out of the way toclick close then move the menus back (wasted time) or use the middle mouse button to close it which 99.999% of the time takes me out of an orthogonal sketching view. Another waste of time.Just horrible functionality.

Oh...and how when in sketcher half the icons are covered by other dialogue boxes that have to be moved out of the way to gain access to them. Brilliant!

But as all the rest of the monkeys have had to do...I get used to it.

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