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Pro/Toolkit Customization in Pro/E


New member
Hi all,

I amworking extensively on Pro/Efor 5 years.

We have recently started working with Toolkit, after reading a lot in documentation of Pro/Toolking we are able to perform hardly one or two command.

Can anyone help me to get start learning Toolkit. Is there any site who provide free tutorials to learn Toolkit

Thanks in advance.


New member
Hi dear,

I'm also in the same mood. We have a similar kind of interest.I have the same experience.Mail me in detail.I'll mail u the basic requirements of starting up Pro/toolkit.

Looking for nice learning companion

[email protected]


New member
The best information on learning Pro/Toolkit is the API Wizard that ships with Pro/Toolkit. You can find it in <Pro Loadpoint>\protoolkit\protkdoc\index.html. Make sure you have the JVM installed www.java.com. If however you need something done quickly and don't know how to do it. Consider contracting the work out to FroTime Inc.(www.frotime.com). I do work on the side for them and would be happy to take a look at your application requirements.

Patrick Williams