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Pro Thermal


New member
I will shortly be undertaking a thermal analysis of an electronics package using Pro Thermal. So far I have been unable to locate any definitive procedure/approach/hints and tips to carry out the work. Does anybody know of any websites or have any information which would help me in this repects.

Dear stuh

The first place to look, assuming that you are on a maintenance contract, is the PTC Customer Support web site and to search the Knowledge Base, under Pro/Mechanica Thermal. I just did that and 62 items came up. The link is You then need to type in your username and password. The Knowledge Base can also be accessed via the User Area on the PTC web site.

Also in the User area is the PTC Express Article Archive

There was an 'Ask The PLM' on Pro/Mechanica Thermal Technical Tips in Oct 2001

We also have a case study that we have published. It is on our web site. A short summary can be found at analysis ohp_base.htm

I will put a fuller version on our Mechanica Tips page in the next few days mechanica hints tips tricks.htm

Lastly PTC's Mechanica training course includes Thermal, and we run a 2 day specialist Thermal course in the UK at Elite Consulting




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