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Pro/SCAN Tools?


New member
Has anybody used pro/scan-tools.if yes then what are the advntages & disadvantages of pro/scan-tools over copycad.Also pleaze tell me from where i can find the helping material & tutorials for pro/scan-tools learning other than proe's user guides & help.

Thanx in advance.

Good luck finding any information/tutorials on Pro/Scantools...I'm/have been searching for the same thing and have came up empty handed. It appears as if no-one really uses it, at least those who wish to share their information...
I have worked on scan tools. The main use of scan tools comes into picture, when you are required to model a part, which does not have definite shape, no previous drawings and so on. This comes under reverse engineering.

For modeling such a part, The first thing we need to do is scan the part by using either a mechanical scanner or laser scanner. you get a *.ibl file from the scanner. These *.ibl files should be imported to pro scan tools and use this file for creating the new geometry.

This is all about scantools. I have not used copycad. So, I can not compare this with scantools.

Ofcourse there are advantages as well as disadvantages..

The advantages are

* You can build a parametric model of the irregular shaped part.

Disadvantages are

* It takes huge amout of time even for a small part

* Lot of patience required while modeling
I have a 3D scanner at my disposal, it's a small Roland Picza but none of the Roland scanners output an .ibl format file? I searched for an .ibl convertor, found one..problem is the link is dead and it's no longer available. So I have no means to get my files converted.

I can imagine the time do reverse engineer a GI Joe head and had features, is futile within Pro/Scantools then?


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