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Pro-Relations Input Check


New member

I am working on Pro-relations and Pro-program. I have an Input parameter "Number" which happens to be an Integer Parameter.

Now in order for my Pro-program to workI need to check wether the input entered is an Even or Odd number. How can I do it.




New member
As far as I know you can't do any checking until the user regenerates. It is ridiculous that this feature has not been added in all the years and builds. Layouts should include the ability to make GUI pages with inputs such as checkboxes, option buttions, drop-down lists. I know some of that is possible in toolkit, but the common user should be able to create a decent user interface.


New member

Divide your number to 2 and check the rest. If the rest is not 0, then your number is odd. Add a simply IF-THEN-ELSE relation after your input.

Good luck.