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Pro/Program for Drawing


New member
I need any information about Pro/Program for Drawing. Someone knows articles, tips or websites where I can find it.

Thanks in advance.

Andre Almeida
Hi Andre

I work a lot with drawing programmes, so let me know what you want to do. Actually the possibilities of Pro/Program for Drawings are rather poor but still useful.

Hello Georg,

I have recently tried to use the printing functions of Pro/E, and have run
into some problems. Since the printer I am using is not a plotter, and
not one of the printers in the list of available printers (in the add
printer dialog), I have tried to use the MS print manager printer.
And now the problem comes... apparently, there is a problem with the
ProPrintExecute() function. If you wish to use one of the other printers
in the provided list, then all is fine, but when you choose the "MS
Printer Manager" printer (the default one), it doesn't work. There are
messages displayed in Pro-E that indicate all is going well, but nothing
actually gets sent to the printer. I have tried using other printers (in
hopes that one was compatable), but the closest I got was that it was
printing an additional blank page after every drawing.

At this point, I am using the following:
but, again this doesn't work for the MS Printer Manager.

I was hoping that someone may have a workaround (or a real solution) for
this problem. PTC knows of this problem, but has no advise to offer.

Possible solutions that I have tried, but do not know enough about, or
haven't implemented properly follow. Any comments/help would be

1. Load a macro to select the 'File->Print->OK' commands. The problem is
that the next dialog that appears is the MS print Manager one, and that is
not controlled from Pro/E. Is there anyway of pushing the OK button on
this dialog programmatically? If so, this would be the best solution, as
the default settings are what I want to use.

2. Somehow modify the info that is being sent to the printer. Possibly
eliminate the second page that is being printed. Note: the printer is an
HP Laserjet 5000N. This is probably not viable, but it is a thought

3. Have Pro/E plot to a file instead of directly to the printer. Then
send the pliot to the printer. My problem with this solutions is 2-fold.
One, I am unclear as to how these plots are generated - i.e. is it printer
specific info etc. Two, how do I send the plot data to the printer? I
have tried the 'print' command from a DOS shell, but this just hangs (and
from what I can tell, it is only for text files).

4. Implement my own MS Print Manager class in C++ using the Microsoft
libraries. Is this even possible? How would I go about starting this, and
linking it to Pro/E?

Any help is much appreciated as I am at a real impass.

Thank you in advance,


[email protected]


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