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Pro/NC Training


New member
Ok, I give up. I've learned a TON on my own, but I just can't seem to learn all the little tricks that I know must be there to make the process easier and faster.

Does anyone know where I can get some training for Pro/NC and expert machinist?


New member

Wish I could help out. I was in the same boat as you two years ago when I started using NC (have never touched Expert though). All I can add is that it just takes lots of hands-on. Having a good understand of Pro itself is essential. All (one!) of the tutorials I've read border on useless.

I think you should subscribe to the manuf group Exploder at, you will find lots of help there. Otherwise, it is mostly being able to make the right choice of sequence type right at the outset so you're not banging away trying six ways to Sunday to find one that works.

What type of parts are you making? Molds? Prismatic?



New member
I have tons of books from 2000i2 when I was teaching Pro/Mfg but they're physical books and there a few versions old.

I found some info on PTC's website awhile ago but the file is 3 mbs big. It's a getting started manual for Pro/MFG for 2001 with parts included. Email me if you would like to have it.

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