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Pro Mold

Pro/MOLD wouldn't exist if it didn't have advantages. PTC doesn't develop things that don't sell (or at least not for very long). Pro/MOLD It is terriffic for splitting cores and cavities. It can quickly develop parting lines and surfaces, showing draft, and apply shrinkage. Its analysis capabilities includes: part thickness, mold opening, draft check, and much more like visually verify closeness of water lines to the inside of the core and cavity. It is a very powerful tool.

If Moldbases are the issue, it becomes a matter of how complex and how often. Pro/MOLD has some simple moldbase functionality. I'd use Pro/MOLD to create mold bases if I averaged one per month. At least till the next year when I could budget for Expert Moldbase Extention (EMX).

If mold bases were my only job, I would use EMX. It can automatically place nearly every moldbase component. It automatically cuts out around inserted components through the entire moldbase. Sliders, ejector pins, water lines, it handles them all and in short order.
Pro/mold is like any other tool design software, just keep in mind that there is not software which create core, cavities, parting lines automatically, so, when you use pro/mold you have to know about advance surface for splitting . I been using pro/mold for a long time and this is very good when you know the tricks.


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