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Pro-Mold mesh


New member

Is anyone using pro/e for creating midsurface of geometry for analysis in moldflow.

Is pro/mold capability of analysis same as moldflow. can anyone throw some light on this aspect.

pro/mould is one module with powerful tools to design the mould, you can have shtrinkage like one feature in model tree, you can make verry easy parting line, parting surface, split the mould, make slides, etc. also pro/mould come with models for DME, DMS, National, Futaba, Hasco etc. like assembly for that mouldbases.

With this kind of tool, I make one mould (medium complexity) in 3D in ... 16-24 hours!!! I'm serious!

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also, for analize you have with pro/E the: Plastic Advisor, which is Moldflow software integrated until Pro/E
Yeah,I have used Pro/MESH for creating mid-surface of a geometry. It's a very useful tool for meshing a part parametricaly.U should have pro/MECHANICA license to extract midsurface.if the part thickness is uniform the software detects midsurface automatically(AUTODETECT) else we need to pair the surfaces manually and extract the midsurface.We can export the midsurface in IGES.for future analysis.

I have been using pro/PLASTIC ADVISOR as a tool for plastic product design but it's a very primitive tool that can run only fill analysis.Exraction of midsurface is not needed for analysing within pro/E module.We can directly run the analysis on a solid model.


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