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pro mechanica !@#$%


New member
i dont think pro mechanica is stable .....

just exits proe when i try to change the background color to white in shear and bending moment graphs result window alone .... can some one try and tell me if it works .....

i seriously wanna know if it is a bug in the software

Are you using it in the integrated mode? What version of Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/MECHANICA are you using? Do you want the background white for printing purposes? In the older version of Pro/MECHANICA (2000i2 and before) there should be a Reverse Video option in the print dialogue box. This will print with a white background. Alternatively, if you are using Pro/MECHANICA in the intergrated mode with Pro/ENGINEER on a windows machine, add the config setting Graphics to your Pro/ENGINEER's file and set it to win32_gdi. Start Pro/ENGINEER again, load the model, goto Pro/MECHANICA and try to change the background color. Also make sure that you have the latest graphics driver loaded for you graphics card. These are a few things that have helped out in the past. In the latest builds of Pro/ENGINEER 2001 and Pro/MECHANICA 2001, this shouldn't be a problem. Hope this helps.
hi everyoneeeeeeee....

i found out in one of the web pages that the problem that i was encountering was a bug on 2001 release!!!!!

Just for information, in part or assembly mode my Pro/E crashes if I try to change background colour if graduated background is set. If plain colour background is set, no problem.


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