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Pro/MECHANICA error message


New member
I cant get any kind of analysis to run. The summarry window says:
An internal engine error has occurred. Please be sure to run error checking before you run this study. If you have run error checking, then contact Customer Support
and at the end it says run completed with fatal error
the quick.err file state the following:
An internal error has occurred in file Defsdrv.F, line 313.

*** A fatal error has occurred. ***
Any help would be useful.
Similar kind of thing happens to me. When remove some of the surface regions which I craeted for shell elements the run completed. So I guessed it was a problem of meshing. I am not sure whether it relates to you.
I could try and take a look at the file for you..

Have you ever been able to run any kind of analysis?

Or is this a recent development?

Does it happen in both Structure anf Thermal?


If it is Motion analysis and you work on windows workstation, you must to install MS Visual C++ and create any system's variables.
I suppose that your constraints on the model are not correct.

For examplle , If there is a load on Y axis on your model the constraint 'TRANSY' must be fixed.
I suppose that your constraints on the model are not correct.

For examplle , If there is a load on Y axis on your model the constraint 'TRANSY' must be fixed.
hey aanderson.....

ive got similar errors before when i check the error log it says model must be in part drawing or assembly mode ...

dunno wot it means

but if i exit proe restart again am able ta run the analysis again... but again no results
thanks for the replies every one

I actually resolved this issue back in the end of June. The customer who was having the issue was running Windows 98 at the time. He was not doing motion, he would get the error message no matter what kind of analisys he was running, we were doing most of the testing with Structure. Unfortutanly we never did get to the bottom of what was causing it because he ended up hosing his system and reformated with a clean install of Windows NT, after that the issue was no longer present.
hi thereeeeee...

okay guys has ne1 here tried running an analysis with an actual 3d proe model .... i was told that the accuracy in this case is 90-95% but am not able to run a single analysis !!!!! the analysis runs for 3 hrs and just stops wivout any error message....

is 256 mb ram enuf for mechanica ???( 1.5ghz)

rite now i have to be content with datum curve analysis... with a lot of idealizations....
Hi Everyone,

I got this same error message 'Fatal Error' when i ran a global sensitivity study.

Anyone found the solution to this mystery ?

I have the problem, that the global sensitivity studies for a parameter after an Analysis do not work. The computer works for lets say 4 hours and still no result has come out. And that on a P4 (2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM). Does anybody know a solution, why study and optimization do not get a result on simple parts?


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