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pro/mechanica 2001


New member
I have seen a few links to previous editions of pro/mechanica, but can't find any for the 2001 edition. Does anyone know where I might find some? I'm poor so I can't sign up with Kinetivision. Thanks in advance.
Just a basic mechanica tutorial using a simple load to produce stress responses will suffice, more if you know where to get it. I just need something to get me started. Thanks again.
does anyone know if all assembly parts have to be fully constrained in order to animate an assembly in mechanism? I keep getting an error saying mechanism constraints could not be satisfied/ the mechanism could not be assembled when i try and run my analysis.
Yes, I assembled all the moving parts using connections instead of the standard Proe constraints.
You can't fully constrain your components or you won't be able to add motion to them in MDX. The most common problem that I have when I get an error like that is that I referenced the new part to more then one assembly level part.

When you assembly a part in MDX it HAS to reference on one other part.

Also, if you try your mechansim after each time you assembly a new part, it helps in the de-bugging.


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