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Pro/Library part retrieval issue


New member
Running Wildfire2 without intralink or any other add-onand Ihave set up a library with all relevant .mnu files. I can add components to an assembly through the library without any problems (which would seem to suggest thatthe libraryis running right) but when re-opening the assembly it cannot find the files.

I have changed all folders and .mnu text to lower case as suggested by the pro-e web-site. No matter how simple a library I set-up (one part in one directory) it still will not find the part on re-opening.

Any ideas?


New member
We are also using proe without intralink.

Pro-engineer uses a search file called config.pro as a list of all the directorys and folders to look in each time you open or create a part. Other than the working directory.

The standard library installed with pro-engineer has a batch file called mklibconfig.bat usually in the (loadpont e.g. c: ) \Library\objlib\bin\i486_nt.

When you activate the batch file you get a screen like this.

View attachment 672

Type in the load point e.g c:\library. If a file already exist it should the ask you if you want torename it or append it. I always rename it.

The batch file will then generate a list of all the directories under c:\library and save the file as config.pro. The old config.pro will be renamed to oldconfig.pro.

Open pro-engineer and in options set the 'search_path_file' to the newly created config.pro. I always leave the config.pro file in the same directory to ensure that when you add directories to the library you only need to run the batch file to update the searching.

Were using 2001 but I'm sure it is the same in wildfire.

Hope this helps



New member
Thanks for that info.

Unfortunately I must be missing something obvious. I did a search for the filemklibconfig.bat and it came up empty. For Pro/Library did you get software to install or is it part of the Pro/Engineer standard edition?

Also I have no standard library directory or files visible to me other than the library I wrote up using notepad for the .mnu's.

Maybe you can shed some light?


New member
Pro/E must know where to find files. I am in 2001, so maybe wildfires config.pro line may be different. You must edit the config.pro and add paths to the line:

search_path c:\library d:\library2

If the files are not found in your current working directory, Pro will use the directories specified in the search_path option.


New member

I am new on this forum but I think I have an idea about your problem.

First create on the start forlder of ProE a file named search.pro

On that folder you will add the path for the folders where you have library files ; take care that if the path containes folder names with a space in it (like Porgram files) to add at each path line start and end the sign " ("D:\proe folder\library").

Save this file and edit every time when you want to add a new path.

Second: on your folder where ProE is starting should be a file named config.pro Under ProEngineer session you can open this file by choosing Utilities and then Options;

Go on the left bottom of opened window and right on the white line above the word FIND the next : search_path_file and click on the BROWSE to go and find the search.pro file created before; then click on APPLY and then close this windows of Option.

Restart the ProEngineer session and all folder specified on search.pro file and all Proe files saved on those folders are available.

That means all assemblies which contain parts from library will find those files and will open without problems.

I use this way for ProE2001 and I also added in the search.pro file paths for folder with projects used as part of other project and it works.


New member
Hi Violin,

Have just tried you suggestion, and i can say it works fine.

So a big thank you from me.




New member

I have been busy so I haven't had time to revisit the site. Thanks for all your suggestions.

If I can talk about Violin2005's suggestion.

Yes this will work but it means that firstly you have to set up the library structure with the directories and .mnu files identifying the parts within each directory. Secondly then you have to enter every directory and subdirectory and sub sub directory etc into the search.pro. This gives me two problems.

1: It's tedious enough setting up the directories and .mnu files without havng to double enter the data.

2: By adding all the directories to the search path file I believe that you are not usin the library to the true sense of the word. You are using the search path file to solve an issue with PRO/Library but surely PRO/Library was designed to solve this for itself? This is the primary issue I have rather than the double entrry of data.

Not to shoot your idea down voilin2005 but it is for the purpose of setting up a library of all purchase parts for use in a machine design firm which could range in to the thousands in subdirectories ranging into the hundreds. I would like to stay out of double data entry if at all possible

If any body has any ideas I would be very grateful.



New member

Just got back from holiday.

I'm using 2001 with the standard library of parts included from PTC.

Are you using the standard parts library supplied by ptc?.

Oops the file you should search for is mklibconfig.exe not bat.
I have included it with this post.

Place it in your library folder and run it form there. Then change your pro-engineer option 'search_path_file' to the file created.

One thing to point out is that pro-engineer wild not search through a folder structure automatically. e.g it will not look any further below c:\library it needs to be told each folder beneath it.

Every time you add a new folder to the library just re-run the mklibconfig.exe.

I've also included a copy of my search path file. config.pro.



New member

You the man.

I'm not using the standard library but built my own from the reference guides on the PTC website. Anyhow it's working and I've got a start point.

I'd buy you a pint but it'd probably be stale by the time you got it.

Thanks again.