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Pro/Intralink attributes in Wildfire2.0


New member
Hi all,

In my config.pro of Proe2001 I used to have the following line,

check_intralink_attributes yes

,which did not allow users to check in to the database a file that in PILOT level for example.

Now in Wildfire2.0 the above line is not accepted in the config.pro, I
dont now if there is a new one in its place? The problem is that those
who do not have the authority to check in certain files, can do it

Has anyone got any idea on this matter?


George Gennadios

Design Engineer

Utilize Intralink's release levels.

However, you should not prevent users from checking in, because of the
risk of data loss. If you do not want your objects in a "PILOT" release
level, instruct the users to check their work into an alternate "PILOT"

Even if you are backing up individual workstations, you run the risk of
data loss or relying on the workspace file to not get corrupted.