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Pro/Intralink and Matrix One


A company I work with is considering migrating to Matrix One. I have seen some demos and am skeptical as to wether or not it can deal with all of Pro/E's foibles, such as family tables, external references, custom parameters, pro programs etc. Has anyone else migrated to Matrix One?

Any Pro's or Con's for this package?
We have been using Matrix One for over a year now and it is still full of bugs.

We are having a lot of trouble with the relationships in family tables.

We intergrated Matrix with Pro-E and promote our drawings using MxPro.

We are continuously having to manually promote files in order to keep the relations with parts,asys and family tables to the drawing.

We had a Matrix One service guy come to our palnt for 3 days and it still doesn't work.
That's better!

Family table support with anything other than Intralink is wishful
thinking. Typically, PDM vendors do a hacked approach wherein they
support it as a file and linked objects to each family table member,
but do not support individual revision/version control.

Not sure what MxPro is? Are you saying that the promotion feature is
not promoting the related items automatically, that is to say promoting
an assembly promotes it drawing? This is an overrideable feature in

If it makes you feel better, I've had Intralink for 5 years and it's still full of bugs ;)

What software isn't?
MxPro is the intregration between Matrix One and Pro-E. We promote our drawings inside Pro-E with this intergration. Matrix One has a drop down menu attached to Pro-E for this purpose.

We have 3 states that we use for this promotion. One is for our designer to check each others work for errors, the others are for ou Mech and Elect. Engs. to check and promote.

We also have a flat, (not intergrated), version of eMatrix that we use for Acad Files. All promotions are made here manually. We find that we have to use this "flat" part of Matrix to do manually promotions of our Pro-E files in order to keep the relations for future revisions.

This is a post fromEric Booneon 6-24-04 that I hung on to
that I think has captured some good info that was posted to the
PTC/USER exploder.

Hope it helps...
Windchill PDMLink from PTC (uses or replaces Intralink)
TeamCenter from UGS (replaces Intralink)
SmarTeam from Dassault Systemes (replaces Intralink)
Agile (uses Intralink)
MatrixOne (uses or replaces Intralink)
These are the companies that were suggested or I found that have solutions for
managing Pro/E data. I
We use EMatrix strictly as a config mgt tool and have kept Intralink 3.0 to manage our files. We are stuck with 3.0 because of the amount of customization requested by our bonehead Quality organization. Our company has downsized significantly and the boneheads are gone but we are stuck with a customized PDM tool that locks us into Intralink 3.0 and therefore we cannot upgrade to Wildfire unless we want to pay Matrix One a ton of money to customize it again. EMatrix is universally hated by everyone at our company, about 200 people. We have to upload BOMs manually because the Ematrix/Intalink interface is hosed, no help from MatrixOne on fixing it.

Just to give you an idea that the idiots at Matrix One don't have a clue about configuration control, or even common sense programming and user interfaces for that matter.

1) The BOMs are never listed in numerical order by item number because the item number field is ASCII as opposed to numeric. As a result a BOM reads 1, 10, 11, 12...100, 101... etc.This alone isphenomenally stupid and just a lazy way to code.

2) The search engine is case sensitive. When is the last time you have seen a case sensitive search engine. Makes me think these bastards dug up some old code and slapped it together (also see 1 above).

I mention these two items in detail because their implementation just defies logic and shows a disregard for the user. But the pain doesn't end there, the release process and change processes are overly complex and burdensome I would be glad to demo the product if you are ever in Maryland.