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Pro/INTRALINK 3.4 error when logging on


New member
I'm running Pro/INTRALINK 3.4w/ Pro/E Wildfire 2 on Windows XP. I haven't had any trouble w/ this setup until last Friday. (I haven't changed any settings or anything) Iwent to log into Pro/INTRALINK and gotan error message that said:

Oracle connect failed while loading Pro/INTRALINK schema.

The client has failed to connect to the Data Server.

1)Check that the Data/Host is running.

If this does not correct the issue, please consult the knowledge base in the Customer Service Station of www.ptc.com and/or contact Technical Support.

After talking to our IT department I discovered that the server is running fine (they even reset to be sure) and that everyone else on the server wasn't having any problems w/ Intralink. The network administrator told me that one manager had the exact same message & that they consulted PTC & even "Intralink Experts" and could not resolve the issue. They eventually had to completely reinstall everything on his workstation.

I'm hoping that there is something that can be done w/o having to go to such an extreme!

Any ideas out there?


New member
I now have the answer to my previously mentioned Pro/INTRALINK woes:

My profile would folder contained a sqlnet error message

one of the lines read

ns main err code: 112638

My administrator modified the sqlnet.ora file in the base of the INTRALINK installation folder as shown:





*I'm told that replacing "NTS" with "NONE" has the same affect.*


New member
I have also seen this. I have just ask the user to reboot the client and it solve the problem.

Another solution I use when I have funny errors with Intralink client is to delete the .proi folder.


New member
I am currently having the same problem. None of the previous replys seem to help. The only way to resolve this problem that I can find is to have machine reimaged and resinstall the Pro Intralink software. I would appreciate any suggestions on things to try. Thanks, Andy


New member
You also need to look at the Proi.log and see what the error is as well. One thing that will cause proi to go bad is disk defrag, always have it ignore the directory it's installed in.


New member
It will happen when data server is not connected.

1. First you need to check the dataserver connection.

2.You copy the existing .proi folrder different location and launch your client.

You try these two options.


New member
This machine would not be a dual processor machine by anychance?

If so you need to set the affininty on the process so that it only uses one processor.


New member
i have encountered this error after setting up a maching with Intralink 3.3; has anyone got around it in version 3.3?