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Pro/E's "Geom check" compared to UG's "Examine Geometry"


New member
We have received a request by our customer that our models, exported as *.STEP, meet GM's Examine Geometry requirements (the “Geom Check” of strands of UG).

What comparison is there between Pro/E’s “Geom Check” and UG’s “Examine Geometry”? If our model passes “Geom Check” within Pro/E, will it be assured to pass UG’s “Examine Geometry” (assuming we do the translation to STEP correctly)?

I've referenced for help with exporting *.STEP


New member
I have no idea what Examine Geometry does. Geom Checks are mathematical inconsistencies in the model. Pro/ENGINEER makes assumptions as to what you are trying to create and flags it with a Geom Check. In general, Geom Checks are bad. They cause other features like rounds to fail. The can cause tool path creation to fail. They can even cause drawing cross-sections to fail if the section intersects a geom check. They exist because we can't always get the exact geometry we want without fudging the math a little.

ModelCHECK offers some geometry checking tools for Pro/ENGINEER files. These tools are designed to verify the robustness of Pro/ENGINEER geometry for export to STEP, IGES, and other translation formats. From your description, it sounds like ModelCHECK is the more appropriate answer.


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