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Pro Eng Problems


New member
I am currently trying to install a student version of PRO E2001 and I am having problems. I have a network card but still it just will not run. I have happily installed it on a friends machine using the same operating system. Any suggestions?????
What operating system are you using? If it is XP or Win2K, they both disable the network cards if your machine is not physically attached to a network. Hence when Pro/E tries using TCPIP to check for the license server (itself in your case), the request fails. I believe that the PTC knowledge base describes a work around for this, which involves doctoring your windows registry to stop it diabling the network.

I am using XP pro, which my friend uses and the programme happily works on his machine. I just do noy know what to do.
If you know of somebody that has it working on their machine, the first place to start is to compare the equipment and settings used during install. I am assuming that you have a new version of the student edition and not trying to load a pirated copy; companies are getting more stringent with licensing. Another thing to check is for any updated drivers for your machine and video card.
The student version does not require a network card.

If you have a CDRW and a CD drive try starting up with the cd in each of them.My installation will only run with the cd in the CDRW drive.When I try it in the CD drive I get an error message stating that the cd is not present.


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