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Pro/E Wildfire restarts the machine


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(This is a continuation from a previous thread in the Wildfire Forum)

One installation of Wildfire (out of 5 workstations - all different machine specs) restarts the pc when attempting to run Pro/E Wildfire (2003490 plus the timeout issue updates from the PTC site) on a 2000 pro O/S.

I've tried the graphics win32_gdi config pro option but it makes no differenece. Neither does updating all the drivers for the machine.

The std.err file lists a load of %UIMSG-APPLICATION-ERROR, Duplicate accelerator on components errors.

The std.out contains several keyword is not valid errors, but nothing that should re-start the pc.

Then there are some DUMMY codes and finally several W-promenu_on_button can not find items.

Unfortunately, we don't have maintenance at the moment (legal banter is happening between PTC, our supplier in Asia and ourselves!).

I can e-mail the std logs to someone if they would like to take a look.


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The history of the PC is that it is currently working fine with the following Pro/E setup:

Intralink 3.3 build 2003290

Pro/E 2001 build 2002180

Pro/Mechanica 2001

The machine is a Dell Precision 650 workstation

Xeon CPU 2.8GHz

2 Gb ram

NVIDIA Quadro4 9000 XGL driver

Windows 2000 Professional build 2195 service pack 4

I upgraded the Intralink server and workstations (4 off) from Intralink 3.2. Tested them all (and indeed, we are currently using the system, so I don't want to take the machine out of service for too long) with Pro/E 2001. Added Wildfire as a separate installation on all the workstations. This is the only pc that will not run, although it is the highest spec machine we have.

Checked the PTC technical support - the drivers on the machine were all supported. Tried updating all the drivers anyway. Still no joy.

I am a bit of at a loss as what to try next. Normally, I'd have been calling tech support - but apparently our company only renewed the maintenance on one license - they bought a new seat as well and were told by the supplier that this would be sufficient to get tech support (we were in conflict at the time because we bought 10 seats of WIndchill that could not be used as the implementation was a joke!). As such, PTC refuse to recognise us. PTC still supplied a new license pack and the upgrade to Wildfire disks, though. Sorry, whinge over.

Any suggestions, greatly appreciated.


New member

cant help about the rebooting prob, although the cut you are using is VERY problematic,,,M200 is ready to download as of yesterday.

Is there a trail file generated during the crash? Can you paste the contnets of that and the std.err in the window?

Interested in what your take is, on your company only renewing maintenance on one license....

What was the story regarding the 10 seats of Windchill? why couldn;t they be used?

AND finally, why are PTC refusing to recognize you? Is it due to some historical issues regarding the Windchill or is it due to your comp only renewing one license?

Aplogies for all of the questions, a bit intrigued....I always wondered about hte techincalities of renewing one or partial licenses..

good WE to all


New member
I'll look at the cut this afternoon.

On starting Pro/E Wildfire all I get is the std.out file:

ERROR - e:\tempwild\config.pro, linenum 88: Keyword '2BUTTON_MOUSE_MMB_SUPPORT' is not valid.

ERROR - e:\tempwild\config.pro, linenum 226: Keyword 'REPEAT_DATUM_CREATE' is not valid.

ERROR - e:\tempwild\config.pro, linenum 239: Keyword 'SKETCHER_OVERVIEW_ALERT' is not valid.

ERROR - e:\tempwild\config.pro, linenum 247: Keyword 'ALLOW_OLD_STYLE_ROUND' is not valid.

ERROR - e:\tempwild\config.pro, linenum 283: Keyword 'DWG_SELECT_ACROSS_PICK_BOX' is not valid.

No trails are being created.

As for the other points (this is now going to be a long read!):

We initially bought 10 Windchill Foundations, plus access engines, productview, workgroup manager & then 3 Pro/E foundation value package II, 1 AAX, 1 Pro/Mechanica & 1 Design animation. All told US$80k. in Jun 2002.

In Jan 2004, Windchill had still not been rolled out, and we had spent a good deal of time training the PTC staff in how to implement the system (our IT guys were a bit handy). As an aside, this was in Singapore. The estimate was approx. US$150k extra wasted - and now the implementation has been frozen, pending a decision on whether to try and get some of the money back off PTC - we paid for a product that we've never been able to use. I'm not sure on the exact details on the implementation, as I was only responsible for the tie-in to the Pro/E side.

Alongside this, Pro/E 2001 & Intralink were used sucessfully. In fact, we wanted to add another full time seat in first quarter 2003. We went to PTC for renewal of maintenance on the existing, and also to purchase another foundation license. We paid for 1 foundation (c/w 1st years maintenance), and then maintenance for 1 off of each of the following; ProE foundation II, design animation, AAX, Mechanica.

In April 2004 it was announced that the group would be split in two - 2 engineers to remain in Singapore, 4 to return to the UK to cut costs. Decided to split the licenses into 2 foundation advantages as stand-alones in Singapore, and everything else to move to the UK (intralink, Mechanica & foundation, advantage & aax).

PTC initially refused to split the licenses as we didn't have active maintenance. After numerous communications, we got that resolved and also managed to get the Wildfire disks. However, PTC refused to supply the Intralink 3.3 disks as we only had maintenance for 1 seat. (Apparently Intralink maintenance is bundled with Pro/E).

On the grounds that Wildfire needs Intralink 3.3, and that our supplier (by this time PTC had outsourced the supply of software to a local company) stated that the Japan license pack stated that we had Intralink 3.3, we got the disks.

I implemented the Intralink update in the UK in May 2004. On requesting tech support on a networking issue I was then told that we had to asset transfer the licenses to Europe - our service contract number was invalid.

To quote from the PTC UK guy, As discussed earlier please find attached a renewal quote for the software that you are now using in Aberdeen. I have asked our licensing group in Germany to arrange for new license transfer paperwork to be issued to you. One of the requirements for the transfer will be that the customer has an active and ongoing mnt contract so it would be helpful to have an order issued to cover this software - and a bill for GBP6000.

I couldn't get authorisation to pay, as we contend that there shouldn't be the requirement to split the licenses - the assets are owned by Singapore, surely it is irrelevent wher thay are used (as an example, I wonder if Caterpillar can't support their software from a single headquarters for their offices all over the world).

Now all calls, etc to PTC get this flagged up, and as we haven't paid, they say that we don't qualify for support.

All this has taken so long to get to where we are now that all the maintenance has lapsed. I hate to think what PTC will charge us for renewing - and as things stand, I don't think the company will take out the maintenance from a purely financial point of view.

I have always been an advocate of getting maintenance - but this episode has caused me to re-think. We are a small OEM, and it is getting harder to justify (especially now as I have to go cap in hand for my yearly budget! GBP6000 will get me lots of new PCs). I think that we'll get Wildfire sorted, and that will be that. If not, it'll be 2001 until it dies.

Told you it was a long one!


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