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Pro/E Training and/or workshops?


New member
Good Afternoon,

I am a designer, who is brand new to Pro/E...and I have been charged by my company to find out about training courses in Pro/E as I plan on learning the application. Can anyone direct me to a place where training might be offered? I am located in Connecticut, so something local would be desirable, although not mandatory. Thanks for any assistance anyone can give me.


Lenny DiChiara
PTC is based out of Waltham, Mass. Maybe they have a office near your town. Just go to their website and look at the training page for locations of classes.
The PTC course Fundamentals of Design is a good starting course. You should be able to jump right in after working through some of the free tutorials available at the PTC website and a few of the others available on the web.

Don't make the mistake we did of postponing the implementation of some sort of PDM software. That task, at least if you're going to use Intralink can be more challenging than learning the design software.

My major gripe about the PTC courses is that they teach as though you had every available module rather than concentrating on the features available with the Foundation package; which I think is more relevant to those learning the software. It's anoying to spend a lot of time in class learning something and then come back to your machine and find out you have to come up with an entirely different technique because the feature they emphasised in class isn't available without optional modules.

What were the considerations that lead your company to settle (switch?) to Pro/E?

Bernie Hayden



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