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Pro/E to MS Word


New member
Can anyone suggest a good method of transfering 2d black on white images from proe to Word. The method i currently use is to output in tiff format convert to jpeg and insert the image into word, this works quite well but the quality isn't very good, does anyone have a better way, i'm running 2000i2 on SGI.
I usually just take a screenshot of the Pro/E window, crop in an image editor & paste into Word.

It can help to have smoothing switched on:

View > Display Settings > Model Display - second tab > Edge/Line > Smooth lines.
Proed :

I'm running Proe on an SGI box and Word on a PC, so, unfortunatly i can't cut and paste between applications.

How about trying the OLE appln of Word. Go to Insert >Object

In object type select the particular PTC drawing or part file to insert.!!!!!!!!!!

I can't use the OLE function with proe, (different platform) but i do have AutoCAD installed, i'll try outputing the drawings as DWG format and use insert object.

OLE application of MS Word works well and Pro E can be started from within Word. I agree with Roshan


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