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PRO-E to IGES automatically


New member
My question, is simple, does anyone know of a program that converts
pro-e to iges or step or anything that can be imported into solidworks
on a grand scale.

I need to convert 10 000 parts into this format. My visual Basic
knowledge is mediocre so if there are programming solutions that exist,
do not hesitate.....Thanks


New member
Holedriller -

Some questions for you - Are you looking for a straight file conversion only, or anything else, like part parameters to go along with the conversion? Will all of the files for conversion be located in one folder, or distributed across a file system?

There are several possible options off the top of my head. First, Pro/Batch, might be all that you need. Here is a link to a PTC PDF on that tool: http://www.ptc.com/WCMS/files/4566en_file1.pdf

Next, I suppose a script could be written to accomplish the same goal, if you were handy with type of thing. A third option is a tool called p-Export, from Simplified Logic that might do the trick. I know it does some of what you are looking for, but am not sure if it would be a complete solution for you. Depending on your requirements, that tool might do what you need, or maybe they can modify it for you.

Hope that helps-