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Pro-E Student 2001 I errors


New member
I have a burned copy of Pro/E Student 2001 I I have installed successfully and I am now receiving errors Host ID Error Registration Invalid

Is this a CD-Key problem? Do you know how to fix it?


New member
You need an ethernet card installed on your computer to run the license manager. This card will generate an unique address called Host ID. If you have this card, Pro/E install will detect your Host ID and will show it on setup initialization screen. After that, you must have a license file that contains a functional code to your machine.

I have a license file that really runs at my computer.

Please, let me know your e-mail to send you this file and the instructions to install it correctly.


New member
Hello I am new here

I use Pro E 2001 at my office premise

Is there a difference between Pro desktop 2001 and Pro Student 2001 ? or are they same.

Thanx - Ash


New member

They are quite different beasts.

Pro/E Student Edition is a cheap (US$150) but virtually complete version of Pro/E, with heaps of optional packages (including Pro/Mechanica). Main restrictions are that it is only for educational / self-training purposes, NOT licensed for commercial use, and the files are not compatible with the comercial version. Functionality is virtually (maybe even totally) 100% of the commercial package.

Pro/Desktop Express is a free downloadable parametric solid modeler / CAD system, with no restrictions on commercial use. It can share models with Pro/E Pro/E to Pro/D, and vice versa), but you lose the parametric intelligence when you import a Pro/E model. (Not sure what happens when you import a Pro/D model into Pro/E.)

The commercial version of Pro/Desktop costs US$1,000, and is basically similar, but adds a few bells and whistles (including technical support).

None of them would be a substitute for a commercial licence of Pro/E (particularly if you need to work on Pro/E models at home, then carry on at work the next day), or share models with clients or vendors, but all of them could potentially be useful to you, depending on your needs. Let us know what your objectives are, and we might be able to help you to make a suitable choice.

Hope this helps.


New member

I'm currently a Pro/Desktop user for only a few months now and since the stuff we design doesn't require alot of parts, it works perfectly. The user interface is quite easy to get a hang of and you can produce parts in no time. I have to admit it is not a powerful program like ProE but if all u do is modelling and drafting then ProD is more your program. It is simple, quick and is also compatible with ProE by exporting the ProD file thru Pro/Desktop ATB file which should retain its design history when u open it up in ProE (though I haven't tried it myself).

With regards to data translation, Pro/D can import: ProE part file; Parasolid; dwg & dxf; iges; step; vda; sat. It also exports: Pro/Desktop ATB file; Parasolid; iges; step, vda; Medusa model file; ProductView file; STL; VRML; jpeg; bitmap.

I just have one question. What file formats can ProE student edition import and export? Or is it stuck with one format?


New member
hi everyone im currently degree student learning ProE, i need some video tutorial or E book or reference material, so anyone can provide me ? thanks appreciate much

best regards,



I'm pretty sure you can get away without an ethernet card for using Pro/E if you use the Microsft Loopback Adaptor. THis will give you a phyical adress needed for the license file.


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