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Pro-E internet plug-ins


New member
I was wondering if anyone knew of any quicktime, or flash plug-ins, that could be used to display a solid Pro-E model on the internet, so that customers could view it, as well as rotate it to view all sides and angels. I appreciate any information.
You can stream parts with ProductView Express i.e. Put your model(s) on your website and your clients can zoom, pan, rotate to their hearts content.

There's no need to use VRML.

VRMLs are polygonal representations of models and in general suck at our level of work...

PS You need plug-ins for VRML too.

There's other software out there too that may be more suitable for your needs, actify is one I can think of(

If you want to find out more than you'll ever want to know, try the following link:


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