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pro-e installation


New member
i have a licensed version of pro-e 2001, and i have installed it at my office,i would like to istall it in my personal system( at home), but i am able to install it .pls advice.

my id [email protected]
FLEX LM looks for the MAC address, the unique id that your network card has. Your license file that is generated by PTC is for your office PC, and therefore will not work on your home PC.

You might consider buying the student edition.
If your office copy is a floating license, you can install Pro on any machine and run it providing that the machine can see the FlexLM license server on the network. If you want to run it from home, you have to have some type of VPN set up so that you can see and access the FlexLM server.
There's another way to get it, despite of Ilegal , It's what I do. You can change the serial inside license file specifically to your home computer through a crack application available on net providing the Host_ID generated by your home ethernet card.

Please contact me for details. PS.: It's Free.


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