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Pro/E Education ver -> Standard ver [open] = Impossibl ?


New member

Pro/E Education version Createed *.prt file ->

Pro/E Standard version Opened *.prt file ... Impossibl ? ... ㅠ.ㅠ.

I want Method ... ^^;

Good Bye ~

I know this has been discussed before, but I was unable to find out how after some Googling. I did think that maybe a playback of the trail file in the standard version may be able to re-create a model originally made in the student version. I have not tried this yet.

Any thoughts?

Best regards,

Matthew Ian Loew
After creating your file by (Floating Module) which is in the menu bar, make it accessible with pro/e standard, save your file again then you will be able to open it.


One of the few limiations of the studet edition is that it will not read or write trail files (I am pretty sure this is the reason why).


I am not sure I understand your technique, could you clarify?
While running educational edition, On the menu bar --> Utilities>Floating Modules>

a window should be opened where you can activate the commercial edition option, activate it, save the part again and open it in standard edition.

I think it's clear now.


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