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Pro/e drawing (.drw) viewer


New member
I was woundering if there was a viewer (free or purchase) that allows for the viewing of pro/e drawing (.drw) files.


New member
I might need to offer more clarification to my question.....I am interested in a viewer that allows viewing of native pro/e drawing files (.drw)....I have been able to find viewers that allow for part and assembly viewing, but none up to this point that allowed viewing of the drawings themselves...our company has autocad and pro/e, not everyone who uses autocad uses pro/ times the autocad users need to view a pro/e drawing....hope that adds some clarification to my question...travis


New member
Product View Express is a free viewer from PTC. You can view drawings, assemblies, parts etc..

The key to using this viewer is you have to put these 2 statements in your or config.sup

save_model_display shading_lod

save_drawing_picture_file embed

Then you have to save the drawing with these new statements enabled.

ProE writes an embeded picture file into the drawing for viewing.

Good Luck


New member
If you're using Intralink and there's a floating license available then the Object > Information and click on the preview to enlarge works well. Still have to have the settings to save the embedded picture file set.

Intralink can be used to help manage AutoCAD files although I doubt you can integrate automatic revision display on drawings.

Bernie Hayden



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