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Pro/E Crashes

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I have an engineer who has had Pro/E crash on him twice in the last two days - once while in the middle of replacing a part in an assembly and the other while blanking a layer in a part file.

Not so strange but he hasn't had this happen to him in a long, long time.

Yes, I know, it could be any one of a number of things but my question is this: What's the probablility that it's Intralink related (i.e., a corrupt Workspace, a corrupt Local.ddb file or a corrupt ilprefs.txt file)?

Nothing in our application served Pro configuration has changed for years and neither has anything in his local


Brad Hacker

ME CAD Admin

Zebra Technologies Corp.


New member
Have you contacted PTC Tech Support about this?

A few questions...

* What version and buildcode of Pro are you running?

* How big was the assembly?

* What's your computer configuration (RAM, etc.)?

David Martin

Torgon Industries


New member
I have a similar problem: Pro/E freezes, sometime after every feature I create, sometime not for a day. Mine is Intralink related, so now I ussualy work outside Intralink and just import the objects. I called PTC support of course, and they don't know yet. They are supposed to get back to me.



New member
I would be asking have they installed any new software recently? May be a conflict caused by other software. I don't know where Pro/E outputs errors on Windows. I am on UNIX. If we start Pro/E from a shell window and it crashes, we see an error in the window. It is normally an out of memory error. If the computer has not been hard booted in a while, that may be a solution. Have you upgraded Pro/E recently and are there any issues concerning your installed version/OS?

Crashing a couple times in one day might just be a fluke. It happens to us all the time and might not happen for another 2 weeks to a month.
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