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Pro-e Certification from PTC


New member
I need to know whether PTC or any other Proe Forumswill give any certifications (for eg. like MCSE given by Microsoft)on PROE based on our proficiency in the same.


New member
to prove yourself?

good. mcadcentral is not awarding those kind of certificates i feel.

may be someother groups should have been there.

good luck. best wishes.


New member

I'm lucky enough to have gone to college and received that "all important" (bit of sarcasm) bit of paper which a lot of companies will not even look at you if you haven't got...

if you were in the early stages of your career, would it not be worth something to say you are a competent user (assuming you haven't got 15 years experience to back that up

Genuinely interested in your response (along with that of others)



It's not that I think vertification in general is a bad idea... It's just that PTC's implementation of the program seems to have stalled...

With certifications like MSCE, you are pretty much guaranteed that people will know what that is in five years. This is because that certification program has reaached a "Critical Mass" whereby there are enough people getting certified to sustain the program.

A bit of history:

There used to be a program called the PTC "Certified Engineering Provider" (CEP). It was a 2-day test involving actual modeling. That certification cost a lot of money ($1000, I think?). I got mine back in 1998 (or was it '99?). However, that program was dissolved a few years later and is no longer in effect, although many previously certified CEP consultantsstill use it for advertising purposes.

The new program cam on witha splash a few years ago (June 2003)with the release of Wildfire and a lot of people spent money and got certified as "Level 1". PTC promised that there were other "levels" of certification under development that would be rolled out soon after level 1... that never happened.

If you look at PTC's site, you'll see that there have been no users certified in the USA or in the UK in 16 months... that is not going to lead to a critical mass if you ask me.

Still, if you've got the money sitting around and want the certification, there is certainly no harm in it and it might look good on a resume if you are in the job market. If you're already employed, I don't see much value in it.

With the CEP program, they had two levels plus an analysis track. Once certified,m you were provided logosd that you could use on websites and business cards. That made it a good idea for consultants. I don't see the same value for consultants with the new system.

Good thread:
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New member
It seems like CAD certifications now are industry specific such as architecture or automotive maybe because the market for consultants has dried up over the past few years? In the US there are many colleges and/or trade schools that offer concentrations or certificates in CAD but I'm not sure what the story is in India. Its possible that some kind of CAD certificate might get your foot in the door. When you're just starting out, I guess anything helps. I think what most companies want, though, is industry experience.


New member
Anybody put together any WildFire profiecency test they would care to share. Something they would test a new hire with. If So please send me a copy.




New member
I'm interested on that proficiency test too.

I had to learn pro/E the hard way (hands-on, no training at all) so even though I feel now I have tamed the beast I'd like to have an idea of how proficient I am compared to the rest of you guys out there. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Aaron M.


New member
I cant remember where I saw this (maybe someone can post a like to give credit?) but here's little test for ya..
Basic Pro/ENGINEER Quiz

1. What is the difference between object reference and geometric associativity?

2. What are the file extensions given to parts? assemblies? drawings? sketches?

3. How should you create a new part or assembly? Why?

4. What is the config.pro file used for?

5. What is a trail file?

6. What does


New member
I recently tried contacting PTC using their Certification email address to ask if that program was still active....

Guess what ? ! I have not received an email...

I even emailed twice. They have apparantly let this program lapse since no one this year (2005) has been certified and they have never added a level 2 or level 3 certification.

What might be more valuable is a professional certification from ADDA.org it is a drafting certification program. I have not taken it, but I am interested in pursuing it, just to say I have it.


New member

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New member
Don't chime in much but wanted to here... Brian Adkin is correct and on point! I was too a CEP years ago but this slowly fizzeled as do most PTC endevours like this. PTC starts good programs,like this,but cost and PTC's inability to market such things leaves alot to be desired (I'm being real nice here:). It would be a great thing for PTCs business if they made this as presigous as the MCSE cert that Microsoft has.

To those newbees out there, please don't go spending a lot of time and money on this Cert stuff. Gain experience though your work (of course) and joining Pro/E clubs in your area and forums such as this until you see that PTC gets serious about Certivications. Actually, PTC needs to outsource this certification to make it credible.

A word from the wise...