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New member
Jason, how about adding, in your tips section, another section just for config.pro options? As a new user, I've come across several options that might not be common knowledge that a PTC tech person has told me would fix my concerns.

I haven't yet grasped the picture when it comes to all the options available, but I'm sure we can all pull together our knowledge and come up with a list of un-known/un-written options that would make our Pro/E work a lot better.

Steve C


Olaf Corten has been maintaining that site for years, and it's the first place I go to when I can't rememebr a config.pro option. This is also probably the only place you'll find all of the hidden options listed.

Olaf is also the creator of the OCUS Pro/E benchmarks which are also very helpful.

-Brian Adkins