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Pro/E 2002030+ & Intralink 3.1 Ghost bug


New member
If you use drawings or layouts that were copied (duplicate objects, save as, etc.) and are using Pro/E 2002030+ and Intralink 3.1 (maybe 3.0, but I have not confirmed) you will get Ghost Objects. These Ghosts will not be removable by any normal method.

Stay at Pro/E 2001440 to be safe.

PTC has said that the build after 2002140 will fix this.

If you have this problem let me know and I will send you a tip sheet on fixing these.

Pro/I 3.0 has the same issue with 3 different 2002 builds that I have tried.

The ghost object is created because of references gone haywire that only effect Pro/I 3 and higher. Exporting the WorkSpace, deleting the exported ghost object, opening and then saving the drawing does not create the ghost object with stand-alone Pro/E of the same build with the same models, drawings or layouts. Search the PTC Knowledge Base using GHOST for more details.

Use Global Reference Viewer to find the wacky references and fix them. It is a pain, but needs to be done.

Meantime, you still need to check-in your work each night. So create a dummy PRT and ASM file in CommonSpace with a dummy name. Each time you save a drawing or layout that creates a ghost object rename the ghost object to your dummy item, then update that item. this replaces the WorkSpace ghost object with you workable dummy PRT or ASM from CommonSpace, and now you can check-in.

<< But this is a temp solution, you really need to correct the reference problem. >>


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