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pro e 2001 sketcher


New member

Why the hell can't the sketcher easily produce a, for example a six sided polygon, I can't believe that a product of this supposed quality still requires the user to sketch all the geometry for such a simple shape, bloody stupid!!!!!!!!, I have used many different systems and I just can't get over it, for example Varimatrix, you pick the icon state the number of sides, angles etc and it does it, and it's about 3 grand cheaper!! Come on PTC get working on the simple things that all designers, engineer need quickly and easily.


I agree, with UG you can create a n-sided polygon on the fly. Come on fellows help us create basic geometry faster.

I will say, however, that you should be able to create a macro that opens a .sec that already has the polygon sketched.

Steve C
> Come on PTC get working on the simple things that all > designers, engineer need quickly and easily.

Absolutely! All of the chest thumping about WtF release and the basic tools in sketcher are comparable to MS Paint. Why isn't there a pattern function? Even if it just created stand alone copies it would be a huge improvement. Sad but true I still use Cadkey to draw anything remotely complex and import it into Sketcher as a DWG file. BTW, why the hell doesn't sketcher let you import DXF? There are a lot of simple things PTC could fix that would make a huge difference. I guess we'll have to wait for SolidWorks to incorporate it befor PTC will do anything.

Bernie Hayden

If you sketch hexes a lot you should have a saved section that you just have to place. That way the dimensioning scheme and any relations are already established for you. This promotes consistency in your modeling. If you need more than just the section, think about using UDF's.
Think about it, how often does anyone draw hexes ??

Think it wouldn't be too smart to include a shape people seldom use.

btw SolidWorks does have a 6 sided hex shape in it's sketcher.

I think you missed the point in the original post. The idea is to have functionality that easily produces an n-sided polygon by stating the number of sides, angles etc. Most CAD systems supply this functionality and other basic tools (like patterns) that make life easier. It seems like it should be trivial to add yet PTC seems to ignore basic short comings in favor of adding more bells and whistles.

Darn folks, it would take you a minute to draw it, a second to save it as a sketch? I might draw a polygon once or twice a year and don't save the sketch. If I drew one ten times or more a year, I might save it, but screws are done at Corporate :)
I've never been held back by the absence of this.

I remember for years it was impossible to draw an ellipse by just specifying the major and minor diameters.

It literally took years for PTC to come up with this..
> Sounds like you're comparing Pro/E to AutoCad..

Or Cadkey or just about any low end system out there. Remember it's not just the finished shape but the ability to quickly create construction geometry that's important (think bolt circle, another common but missing function). What I'm hearing sounds a lot like the early days of AutoCAD. What da they need to add that fuctionality for, you can just program it in Autolisp. Gee, thanks.

Importing a sketch is a work around I use a lot because of the lack of features in Sketcher. It has it's own share of problems. Like IM assuming that somethings supposed to line up and altering the imported geometry. Also, you'd think that 1:1 would be the default when importing to sketcher but sometimes setting the scale to 1 will willy nilly change the imported data. And if you turn off IM the option to import data is greyed out.

People tend not to miss things they've never had. I suspect that if some enhancements were made to sketcher there would be an uprising if they were then removed in a later release. I guess it's just that when you've been using a box of 64 it's hard to go back to the kindergarten crayons.

Maybe PTC is missing a marketing opportunity. They could add some basic drawing tools and then sell the upgraded SXX module for $3,000 ;=)



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