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PRO bom to Excel...


New member
is there a way to get a bom into a spreadsheet OTHER than saving the BOM as a text file and doing a wondows copy of that text file and pasting said copy into the spreadsheet? thanks in advance. JROBI


New member

you can make a bom format file with all the fields you need separeted by comma

save your bom into a file with the extension ".csv"

then open the file with excel using the filter "csv"

you re done


New member
I have just gone through an exercise of importing a BOM into Excel and then formatting it to get all the NHA (Next Higher Assemblies) correct and importing it into an Access database.

The trick to get the BOM in text format into excel is first open Excel with a blank worksheet. Go to file open, and change file type to .txt and open the BOM. Excel takes you into a text import wizard, which allows you to adjust feild widths and set the format of columns.

Wali Crawford

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