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Pro/2001 crash when using "replace" in sketcher mode??


New member
Hey all,

I'm working with Pro/2001 Build 2002140...I am trying to edit a sketched curve using the replace function in sketcher mode, the only object referencing this curve is a style feature (surface created from 4 boundary curves). When I sketch in the new geometry, select it, hit replace, then select the old sketcher geometry my Pro session bombs out completely. I'm working on a Dell P1130 1.8GHz, 1GB RAM with a 64 MB 3Dlabs Wildcat II 5110 vid card. Has anyone else ever run into a similar crash? I'm wondering if this might just be a bug in this particular build? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

this problem never comes to me. many times i used this option.

i did't get. so u do 1 thing uninstall it and install again. ur config is very good. this is good enough config.i working on low config.

no prob at all. plz try


Thanks marjun,

I don't think our IT department feels like doing a new install over an issue like this. We have found various other bugs in this build and they have yet to do anything about those yet so my hopes are low...I was hoping someone here had run into that problem and had a fix.

Nice computer you have there.

Your problem has to do with the style feature.

ISDX is a nice functionality, but style features do not (yet) meet the powerfull redefine/reroute/replace functionality as we know it in ProE. Rerouting style features also leds to crashing sessions.

Just try to delete te entity and draw a new one. Redefine the style feature in resolve mode. But be warned!