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Printing/Plotting Questions


New member
I have a friend that wants to print some large drawings and does not have a printer that will work but he knows someone who does. The Problem is that the computer where the printer/plotter is located does not have a copy of Pro/E installed on it. Can any one give me some advice on what kind of export option would work best for this situation. Right now I was thinking that he could print throught Acrobat Distiller and then print the PDF from his friend's printer but I don't how good the quality would be as I have never done this before.
You need to create a plot file and send him the plot file.

To do that, you will have to set up your Pro/E as if are plotting to that plotter except you just print to a file.

This plot file will be in your working directory.

In most cases, you can just copy that file to plotter and it would work.
I apprecieate your response. I have forwarded this information on to my friend. I am not verry exerienced with plotting in general but after doing a little research this desen't appear to be to complicated of a task.


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