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Print from Commonspace?


We would like to be able to print from commonspace without having to check a drawing out into a workspace. We have our configuration management group set up with intralink but not Pro Engineer. Is there any way to print from intralink? Or does anyone no of an add on software that one can install to do this? Or maybe a short script or new technique? Thanks to all that reply.



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IIRC, you can print drawings using Product View Express (free software available from the PTC website, no license required). I know it allows you to view and manipulate (spin, pan, rotate) models from your internet browser, and I believe it also works for drawings.


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That is somewhat useful... but I need a method of batch printing, and perhaps even batch conversion to DXF... anyone know of a way to do that?


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its written in the instruction manual ofproduct view express that the file has to be saved in Pro/E..then howcome the print from commonspace is obtained?


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I have try with ProductView express and it is correct you can view
drawings, but I cant see how you will get at print that can be usefull
as paper drawing

There is also other tools for printing files from Intralink. I have
seen one call Print_it from a Finnish company. I cant remember there
homepase, but I know a danish reseller. Sorry but the page are in
danish. But you can try email. [email protected]

Or PI-plot

Or you can Install PTC's : Division graphic server - Productview


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Fishbowl Solutionshas a product (eAccess)that can access drawings, models and other informationresidingin Pro/INTRALINK through a web browser.

Batch plotting isadd-onfunctionality to eAccess. You can find out more about our many products and capabilitiesat

Please call if you have any questions or would like more info/demo.

Best Regards