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Power Copy?


New member
Can anyone point me to a step by step process for using the power copy feature. I haven't even been able to track down a decent explanation of what it does...

the power copy feature is very simple

create the part file with the feature to be power coppied and save the document

goto insert - knowlodge templates - power copy

now select the instances to be power coppied and give a name for the power copy

go to the input mode, you will get the refrences for the instances you want to power copy

give a name for that .

go to the next tab ie Parameters and here you can publish the parametes you wish to change while you initiate power copy.

then finally go to the last tab and do a screen grab

give OK your power copy is ready

save the file and close

if this information is useful

mail me at [email protected]

i will tell you how to initiate the component


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