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posts for pro man?


New member
I recieved an email from a guy at ptc users site. He had a VAR tell him that they had alot of posts for downloading on their site free of charge? He is looking at getting pro man or mastercam for his company and they are both telling him that they have a bunch of turn key posts. Does anybody know if this is correct or not. I would like to see these posts as that I do not believe that anybody has turn key posts unless the are only doing standard machining.

When we converted to Pro/NC posts too were a concern for us. We decided to contract them out to a third party so that we would not have to learn Pro/NC AND how to write posts at the same time. There is no greater timesaver than the 'perfect' post.

That being said, I don't think the availibility of posts for a particular machine or application should be a determining factor in choosing an NC package. You should assume you are going to need a custom post for each machine type that you intend to program and proceed accordingly in locating a source for each one and finding out what the dollar cost will be. We are constantly having our posts tweaked to add variable support or broken tool detection or whatever.

Even if you find a turnkey post, you are going to need to add something to it at some point, so if you buy one with maintenance you will be free to have immediate changes made when you want them done, not when you figure out how to do it.


Peter Brown

This is what I explained to him as well. I tried gpost and the old posts that came with our proman before I started working on it. They were not even close. A friend of mine that left rand and became a VAR. He is very good with proman. He contacted me and after a lot of headaches and top brass almost pulling the plug on proman, he had one of his outside contacts build me the posts that I wanted and they work. I knew that the chances of seeing a turnkey posts on the web was not real and when I went to the ptc link that is what I saw. The problem that I have with this issue is that the people that sell cam software blow somke up your butt telling you that they have a post that will work for your application even thou thay don't understand what you want to do, and most of them don't have a clue as to how to machine a part.


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