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Posting AutoCAD drawing on a web portfoli


New member
Hi guys,

Maybe you can help me out. I have just finished my AAS degree in Industrial Design and I am setting up a web-site using front page. I would like to post my AutoCAD, Inventor 8, and ProE wildfire 2 drawings and animations of the assemblies. Should I print all my drawings out and then scan them as JPEGs or PNG and them place them on the site. Otherwise I am a lose on how to do this.




New member
You can export your Pro/E and AutoCAD drawings as dxf or pdf. Do it that way unless you only have a hardcopy of you project. Where did you get your 2 year degree?

some of my students already have their degree or have been out of school for many years. http://www.proetools.com/resume.htm Most are engineers.

Do you plan on posting your resume to core77.com?

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