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pop-ups on this site?


New member
I understand the need to suplement the income from this site with pop-ups. It helps to keep down the cost of membership. I also feel this is a very valuable forum for Pro/ENGINEER related information. It is the best I've seen so far.

However, recently I have been recieving more than one pop-up at a time and twice now I have been prompted to allow GAIN spyware software to be installed.

My experience with GAIN has been horrible. I've recieved more than one fatal virus associated with it. So imagine my alarm when this site tries to install it on my computer.

Has anyone else seen this behavior recently? Is there a cure for it besides leaving this forum?
If you are a Professional member, then you should not receive any banner ads, including pop-ups/unders. Are you getting them when you are logged in as a Professional member? Please let me know. There has been one other report of this, but I could not find anything that would produce a pop-up/under to a logged in Professional member.

If you are not logged in, then you may get 2 pop-ups, which should not occur more than every 6 hours minimum of your session (unless you block cookies to this site).

You should not be prompted to install software. Is it a banner ad, or a real installation dialog box?

Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

-- Jason Turk, Site Administrator
I get them when I pick on a message from the daily list. I don't get the option to login until the page and the pop-ups have already appeared.

FYI: The last four times I've entered this site now unwanted software has tried to install.
Ok, I think I found out what was causing it. Some code was placed in the wrong place. It should be fixed now. Please let me know if the problem repeats itself. Sorry for the hassle!
try downloading Ad-aware and scanning your comp. It's free and it works.

You probably just picked up some tracking files from porn sites;)